What is Periodic Control?

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security, under the execution of 25.04.2013 dated and 28628 Number of Work Equipment Health and Safety Regulations Regulation on the use of work equipment used in the framework of the health and safety of the minimum requirements to be observed.

Which Equipment Are Periodically Inspected?

  • Pressure vessels
  • Lifting Forwarding Equipment
  • Installations
  • Stands

Periodic Control Classes

Boiler, booster, expansion tank, air tanks, stitched-seamless tubes, liquefied underground and surface gas tanks, cryogenic tanks, acetylene tubes and tanks and tanks containing hazardous liquids are included in the class of pressure vessels.

Forklift, pallet truck, various types of cranes, escalators and belts, vehicle lifts, various hydraulic and mechanical lifts, scaffolds, construction machinery, lifting and conveying machines.

Fire installation and piping, ventilation and air conditioning systems, electrical installations, earthing systems and lightning rods are included in the installation class.

Machine tools, cnc machines, machining machines, such as machine tools are included in the class.

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