Who does dangerous goods safety consultancy cover ?

-The total capacity of the vehicles with capacity of fifty tons and over which the owner of Hazardous Material Activity Certificate is included in the process of hazardous material transportation and operating in a fifty tonnes and over amount in a calendar year. the enterprises which temporarily store the dangerous goods covered by this Communiqué,

– Entities operating in the process of transporting, packaging, loading and filling in dangerous goods transportation and which are engaged in dangerous goods transport in the table of ADR Section regardless of the amount,

– Enterprises that have Railway Hazardous Goods Activity Certificate within the scope of Article 7 of the Regulation on the Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Rail, published in the Official Gazette dated 16/7/2015 and published in Official Gazette dated 16/7/2015,

Article 9 of the By-Law on Transportation of Dangerous Goods published by the Official Gazette dated March 3, 2015 and numbered 29284 includes coastal facilities that have a Dangerous Goods Conformity Certificate.

What are the Duties of Persons ?

  • The trainees in the training organizations should sign the attendance schedules twice a day during the training period before afternoon and afternoon,
  • Providing the candidate and signed name to be signed by the trainer,
  • Keeping all the information and documents of the trainees for 3 years,
  • To provide necessary and adequate training tools and equipments and to keep them active,
  • They are obliged to ensure that the training is carried out in a regular and disciplined manner and finalized.

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