Who is Other Health Personnel ?

Persons with a nurse, health officer, emergency medical technician and environmental health technician diploma authorized by the Ministry to work in occupational health and safety services and persons with workplace nursing certificate given by the Ministry shall express the identity of Other Health Personnel.

What are the Working Times of Other Health Personnel?

In workplaces located in very dangerous classrooms;
– 10 to 49 employees per month per employee
– 50 to 249 employees per month per employee
– At least 20 minutes per month per employee

What are the duties of other health personnel?

– Working together with the workplace doctor in planning, evaluating, monitoring and directing occupational health and safety services, collecting data and keeping the necessary records.
– Write the health and work stories of the employees to the recruitment / periodic examination form and assist the physician during the examination performed by the workplace doctor.
– To follow the groups requiring special policy and to ensure the necessary medical examinations.
– Working with the workplace doctor in the organization and execution of first aid services.
– Taking part in health education of employees.
– Working together with the workplace physician to monitor and monitor the general hygiene conditions of the premises and additions.
– To carry out other duties related to occupational health and safety to be given by the workplace physician.
– To support and cooperate with the work representative and support staff in the workplace.

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