What is the Explosion Protection Document?

The explosion protection document is a collection of documents indicating the requirements of employees in the workplace to be taken during a possible explosion and measures to be taken to minimize the risk of explosion. These documents are based on the health and safety of the employees.

Preparation of Explosion Protection Document

According to the ‘Regulation on the Protection of Employees from the Hazards of Explosive Environments’ published in the Official Gazette dated 30.04.2013 and numbered 28633, the establishments that are likely to have an explosive atmosphere are obliged to prepare an ‘Explosion Protection Document’.

Determination of flammable, explosive and flammable chemicals by examining all MSDSs used in the workplace (Material Safety Data Sheet),

Zone calculations using EN 60079-10-1, EN 60079-10-2 and CEI 31-35 standards according to the determined chemicals,

Zone maps are drawn to create the Explosion Protection Document.

Main Workspaces That Must Be Prepared

– Natural gas filling stations,
– Oil stations,
– Dye places,
– Hazardous gas and dust storage tanks

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