Consultancy Support to Companies


The most important solution for the reduction of work accidents in our country is the establishment of occupational health and safety culture. At this point, ICCERT Group provides training services in line with the demands of employers and employees with its qualified academic staff.

Consulting and Supervision

In order to prevent occupational accidents and occupational diseases, to create appropriate working conditions, and to add value to its business by applying all legal regulations for the employer, we meet and provide guidance in the field of consultancy and auditing.

Quality Management Systems

Quality Management Systems is a system that contributes to the maximum benefit of organizations by opening up their activities to new markets by providing conscious of their activities and narrowing the angle between the target group and minimum cost. Our company strengthens the corporate identity of the companies with the services in the field of certification and takes place with you as your solution partner for being the locomotive in the sector.

What is Facility Security Certificate?

Facility Security Certificate; In order to ensure the physical security of confidential information, documents, projects and materials that may be found or to be found in a facility, the protection measures which are projected by considering the external and internal threats that the facility may be exposed to and the location and environmental conditions that the facility is exposed to, have been audited and approved by the Ministry of National Defense. it is called a given document.

Facility Management Services
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