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ICCERT Group is always with you with its qualified team for all your needs in the field of facility management.

Facility Management Services

Facility Management Services is a service that enables the establishment of a system to be able to work flawlessly with all departments and technical staff of an institution. It is ensured that institutions or organizations gain competence potential in security, cleaning and management fields. ICCERT Group also serves with environmentally conscious cities and a team of experts in the field of landscaping to provide a happy working environment.

Service Benefits

  • Qualified Team

    Our specially trained staff is capable of carrying a corporate identity with a professional working discipline.

  • Contribution to the Foundation

    With the Facility Management Service, it determines the needs of your organization in the field and produces solutions in sector and institution specific and develops a special service style on this axis.

  • Feedback

    Periodic inspections of our staff working in the field are conducted in accordance with their deficiencies and the degree of satisfaction about our team within the institution is measured.


  • Management Services
  • Security services
  • Cleaning services
  • Tree Transportation
  • Plant Landscape Applications
  • Structural Landscape Applications
  • Project
  • Garden maintenance
  • Green Roof Projects
  • Ornamental Pool Systems
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