ICCERT Training, Consulting & Supervision

ICCERT Training, Consultancy and Supervision aims to create a healthy and safe working awareness in workplaces to reduce occupational accidents and occupational diseases. With its qualified staff, it establishes a scientific approach to identify risks and measures that must be taken in response to risks and contributes to raising awareness and making suggestions.

ICCERT Occupational Health And Safety

ICCERT provides service with expert staff in Occupational Health and Safety. In addition to field studies, it also contributes to the sector with academic studies.

ICCERT Health Care

ICCERT Health, today is the most needed concept of the company has structured work on. At the present time, the health checks which are compulsory with mobile health screening are carried out in the working areas of the institutions.

ICCERT Facility Management Services

ICCERT Facility Management is committed to providing companies with a comprehensive service. Iccert provide support to institutions in critical areas such as safety, innovation, environment, improving work efficiency and hygiene through a broad service zone. It aims to add value to the sector by working with all departments of an institution without error.