The government has prepared a roadmap for a safe working life. Virtual Reality Center will be established to prevent occupational accidents and diseases.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has taken important steps in occupational health and safety to warn the bosses about taking necessary measures at every opportunity. Virtual Reality Center is established in order to increase the effectiveness of the work to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases. An incitement will be initiated for very dangerous workplaces with more than 10 employees who do not have any work accidents resulting in death, inability to work. A psychological harassment database will be established at workplaces.
The government has prepared a roadmap for quality and safe working life in accordance with universal standards and international commitments. Social, physical and psychological dimensions of working life will be examined in the new period. A qualified occupational health and safety service will be produced through the implementation of sectoral expertise. For this purpose, sectoral and regional risk analyzes will be carried out to prevent occupational accidents and occupational diseases.
Encouragement application is initiated for very dangerous workplaces with more than 10 employees who do not have work accidents resulting in death or permanent work inconvenience. With the virtual reality center to be established, the efficiency of work accidents and prevention of occupational diseases will be increased. Security culture will be expanded in all segments of society.
In order to ensure the implementation of occupational health and safety services in less dangerous workplaces, 1 million 50 thousand employers were trained. The number of occupational safety experts, which were about 29 thousand five years ago, exceeded 110,000 this year. The number of occupational physicians increased from 9 thousand to 652, which was 34 percent to 508 and the number of common health and safety units to one million was 2 million 518. The work accident rate, which was 1.4 percent in 2002, was 0.96 percent in 2017.
Within the scope of the Action Plan on Combating Psychological Abuse at Work (2018-2020), psychological harassment database and awareness raising activities will be carried out. Mining Security Institution will be established in order to establish occupational safety culture in mining activities.
Source: Sabah Newspaper

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