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Healthy Lifestyle

Sleep scheme, feeding habits, stress etc. factors directly affect your health. We recommend that you periodically deliver blood and check up for your health.

  • Make Your Regular Health Check

    The most favorable outcome in treatment is early diagnosis. Periodic health check provides early diagnosis.

  • Pay attention to sleep patterns and quality

    Healthy sleep in appropriate times and places will keep the body young and fit.

  • Moving Life

    At least 10,000 steps per day are required for a healthy life.

Our Health Services

ICCERT Health has built all its planning and strategy on the idea that employers can benefit from maximum health services without loss of job. With our expert staff authorized by the Ministry, we are justifiably proud of the value layer of thousands of businesses.

  • Health Screening Services
  • X-ray in Home / Imaging Service
  • Home Care Service
  • Vaccination Service
  • Mobile Check-Up
  • Mobile Health Service
  • First aid
  • Laboratory Service

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